ABIS Systems is dedicated to providing customer driven solutions in the information technology industry. ABIS Systems specializes in providing solutions to the international wholesale banking marketplace. With a client base spread around the world, ABIS Systems is able to bring to bear years of expertise in the provision and maintenance of solutions. ABIS Systems is the international subsidiary of KCC Information & Communication, itself a diversified information technology concern specializing in solutions for a wide variety of industries, including finance, banking, telecommunication, healthcare and EDMS. KCC Information & Communication was established over 30 years ago and has broadened its scope into an international group of companies servicing many industrial sectors.

ABIS Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of KCC Information & Communications, a diversified technology concern.

And ABIS is an advanced solution for international banks' information management needs. ABIS functionality allows banks to integrate their operations, reducing redundancy and improving profit.


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