Today, financial institutions are harnessing information more effectively than before. Through the proper use of this information, banks are eliminating redundant work that raises costs. And by being able to reallocate resources to revenue generating activities, profits are being enhanced. Financial institutions are accomplishing these goals while augmenting the quality of information available for management decisions and improving control and compliance needs.

ABIS, is a fully functional, back office software solution that combines wholesale and retail banking functionality for international banks. Developed over the past decade in close cooperation with leading financial institutions, ABIS arms bank management with the tools needed to effectively manage today's operations. ABIS uses an open standards, client-server architecture to manage information within a financial institution, automating back office operations and simplifying the creation of audit and compliance procedures. Combined with the Clarit-i module, ABIS can manage all the information, files, images, documents, and content associated with wholesale and retail banking.

Designed around a core set of databases, ABIS addresses the full array of international banking functions, including International Treasury, Corporate Banking and Trade Finance. Each module is integrated with a payment system, allowing the automatic generation of payment or collection notices. All modules use the Windows Graphical User Interface and include advanced security features to protect a banks most valuable commodity -- information.